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Houston, TX
Program Description
Neural Control of Organ Degeneration and Regeneration (NeuralCODR) is an NIH-funded, cutting-edge, and cross-disciplinary training program at the intersection of neurophysiology and organ engineering/modeling with a thoughtful integration of statistical methodology and experimental design.
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Student and Faculty
Number of Faculty: 43 Number of Students: 5
Ethnicity Hispanic Percent: % Non-Hispanic Percent: %
Race Asian: % American Indian or Alaskan Native: % Black or African American: % White: % Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:: %
Unique Program Features
Programs are strategically focused on the interface between regeneration/disease organ model systems and functional neuroanatomy and physiology. Group problem identification is driven by a collaborative group of clinician researchers. Catalytic mechanisms exist for cross training and expertise development between research centers. Further, the training structure emphasizes experiences in tissue and organ engineering laboratories in parallel with education in neuromodulation, translational theory, and practice.
Program Characteristics
Year Established: 1920 Type of Campus: Main Campus
Contact Info

+1 (713) 363-9910 cnr@houstonmethodist.org

Program Director
Doris Loftin
cnr.test@houstonmethodist.org +1 (832) 774-3201

Doris Loftin
cnr.test@houstonmethodist.org +1 (832) 774-3201

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