Davidson College Neuroscience Program

Davidson, NC
Program Description

An understanding of how the brain functions and endows human beings with the capacity to know, to feel, and to value requires an interdisciplinary effort. The Neuroscience Program at Davidson College provides students with diverse state-of-the-art courses and research opportunities. Neuroscience students take a comprehensive mix of courses in biology, psychology, chemistry, mathematics, and philosophy. Davidson provides a welcoming and collaborative environment to all students interested in joining the quest to reveal the workings of the nervous system. Faculty engage students in the journey of discovery from the molecular underpinnings of nervous system function to the cognitive and affective outcomes of neural activity. Students have opportunities to become involved in research on brain plasticity, biological basis of drug abuse, neural development, and the molecular mechanisms underlying axonal regeneration. The Neuroscience Program models how conventional boundaries separating disciplines appearing to be incompatible can evaporate when new intellectual challenges confront society.

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Student and Faculty
Number of Faculty: 5 Number of Students: 18
Ethnicity Hispanic Percent: 8.00% Non-Hispanic Percent: 97.00%
Race Asian: 5.00% American Indian or Alaskan Native: 1.00% Black or African American: 7.00% White: 68.00% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:: 0.00%
Unique Program Features
Program Characteristics
Year Established: 1991 Type of Campus: Main Campus
Contact Info

1(704)894-2888 210823125@sfn.org

Program Director
Julio J Ramirez, PhD
juramirez.test@davidson.edu (704) 894-2888

Julio J Ramirez, PhD
juramirez.test@davidson.edu (704) 894-2888

Research Areas